Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Job Duties – Tool for organizational success

Job duties are described as the essential and specified jobs with the seal of a management which lays out the proper format of all the responsibilities and authorities of a position. This will really help to establish a platform for future. Duties of the jobs are assigned to a particular section or designation. Job duties play an important role in achieving the desired outcomes as everyone performs according to his/ her core responsibilities.

The job duties are broadly concerned with units and sections of an organization. This includes the vital factors; job description as per each designation, a recent job duty description for a new designation and job specifications as per legal norms and HR policies. This ways it helps to identify every employee’s duties.

To understand this with a particular organization’s environment; banking sector is the best way to define a job duty set up. A bank has got several branches and each branch consists of different departments where every department is divided into various designations. So here, each department and designation has defined routine works and core responsibilities. Every employee’s performance is being evaluated based on their job duties and targets.

Therefore, a job duty participates in an organization’s success.