Monday, December 6, 2010

Administrator Nurse Job Duties

The nurse administrator has a wider range of responsibility than regular nurses. Aside from the constant interaction with the patients that brings fulfillment to a nurse, the administrator also touches on the managing and overseeing the other nurses. Below are the duties of an administrator nurse.

• Managing the nursing staff which includes preparing the work hours schedule and assist or help train nurses to improve their skills
• Monitor nurses to ensure they are doing their duty properly and with excellence
• Recommend policy changes and structural modification
• Monitor overall operations in the workplace and implement rules and changes made
• Make sure all patients receive care and services from the nursing staff
• Provide input regarding future workplace goals and plans
• Attend educational seminars about improving the workplace and the workforce to hasten the progress of the nurses with respect to skill and performance

Administration Job Duties

Network Systems Security Specialist Job Duties

Computer security specialists contribute a large amount in a company’s integrity. They are the ones who try to prevent leakage of data and intrusions from unauthorized network and computer users. Security professionals tend to be familiar with all propriety technology and software a company has so computer security specialists are often long-term positions for eligible applicants. Duties of a security specialist are as follows:
• Install or develop virus protection software and perform ritual file clean ups
• set up an entire security programs for the database and network of a company
• Monitor information networks for breaches and place restrictions for usage and accessibility
• Gather data to be used for criminal prosecution for database intrusion and other network-based charges
• Encrypt sensitive data
• Perform routine tests to make sure that the data protection is at its optimum condition at all times.

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Judge Job Duties

Judges are known to run case hearings. They have the power to dismiss cases and pass on judgment to criminals. Duties will vary depending on the type of court a judge may reside but there are general duties that will always be part of any judge’s duties.

• Presides over trials and hearings
• Interpret the law and develop new standard procedures for new types of issues
• Determines evidence’s and witness’ credibility and ensure that all attorneys and speculators follow the rules and procedures.
• Instructs jury on the appropriate laws and hear their verdict for rulings
• Imposes a sentence to the convicted and settles a compensation amount for those involved in a civil case
• Ensures that the court operations are efficient and appropriate
• Keeps track of all cases and monitors the progress of each case
• Monitors administrative staff and prepare or conduct trainings to ensure the staff’s optimum function in the court.

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Hotel Front Desk Clerk Job Duties

The front desk clerk at a hotel is an entry-level position whose task is to greet guests upon arrival and assist guests with any hotel issues or concerns. They are the ones who must provide excellent customer service because they are the front liners in the hotel industry. Duties of a front desk clerk include:

• Checking in and checking out of guests
• Explaining procedures upon check in and explaining bill charges upon check out of guests
• Handle transactions regarding payments
• Maintaining and updating a list of room reservations
• Keeping in touch with housekeeping and maintenance departments for room preparations
• Gathering guest information and letting guests sign a registration form upon payment
• Doing paperwork with respect to guest records, money collection, account information and signed registrations
• Resolving guest complaints, answering guest queries and dealing with different types of guests with a calm demeanor and patience

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