Monday, December 6, 2010

Judge Job Duties

Judges are known to run case hearings. They have the power to dismiss cases and pass on judgment to criminals. Duties will vary depending on the type of court a judge may reside but there are general duties that will always be part of any judge’s duties.

• Presides over trials and hearings
• Interpret the law and develop new standard procedures for new types of issues
• Determines evidence’s and witness’ credibility and ensure that all attorneys and speculators follow the rules and procedures.
• Instructs jury on the appropriate laws and hear their verdict for rulings
• Imposes a sentence to the convicted and settles a compensation amount for those involved in a civil case
• Ensures that the court operations are efficient and appropriate
• Keeps track of all cases and monitors the progress of each case
• Monitors administrative staff and prepare or conduct trainings to ensure the staff’s optimum function in the court.

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