Monday, November 28, 2011

RN Job Duties

Wish to be a registered nurse? You should carefully read the job description of the RNs first. It gives you a clear idea of your job duties and responsibilities that you would be expected to carry out. Job descriptions also help you to realize whether you are suitable for the job or not. So, what are the job duties of a RN or registered nurse? Keep reading to find out.
The RNs’ most important duty is to promote good health and prevent illness. They provide information and make people aware of various medical conditions. Taking care of the patients or looking after them in rehabilitation center is also an integral part of their job. They can be needed any hour of the day as serving ailing patient is their job primarily. They are considered as primary health practitioners hence they need special training apart from their RN education. The minimum educational qualification of a RN is a graduation degree. RNs work in various segments of medical field, sometimes they take care of drug addicts, HIV positive patients, patients with respiratory problem or kidney failures. A RN sometimes takes care of the babies and adolescents too. Hence a RN should be well aware to handle all kinds of situations and should have knowledge on various complications the patients deal with. Keeping a calm head, ready to serve her patients at inconvenient hours, being aware of critical medical conditions and having some knowledge about dealing with the complications is few of the prominent job duties of a RN.

Receptionist Job Duties job duties

Wish to take a job as a receptionist? Reading this segment would be very beneficial for you then. Every job has certain job duties and responsibilities the candidate applying for that job or doing it is entitled to perform. Before applying for a particular job, candidates go through job descriptions first. Job descriptions contain what and how the company or the organization expects the candidates to do the job and which responsibilities he/she is supposed to carry out.
A receptionist’s job is to manage and take care of the visitors. He/she also takes telephone calls and messages. Providing the consumers with information and answering their queries is also one of the prominent job duties carried out by a receptionist. A receptionist should be eligible enough to communicate well with the visitors and manage the front desk. He/she also ensures that the appointments made are up to date and maintained properly.
Apart from that a receptionist also keeps an account of who checking in or out at what time. A receptionist must have good communication skill, confidence, smart enough to tackle critical situations and complaints and should also have a good preventability. The job of a receptionist is not as easy as it may seem. A receptionist performs various kinds of work at the same time and hence it is a very challenging job with an average pay scale.