Monday, May 2, 2011

Hospital Morgue job duties

Hospital morgue jobs are not for faint hearted candidates. Training is necessary for taking up job duties in a morgue. Dead bodies are carefully preserved in these places till they are carried by deceased’s relatives for burial or cremation. Usually dead bodies are kept in hospital morgue for a couple of days. However at times it might be necessary to keep a corpse for several days before it is removed for its last rites.
Morgue job duties entail proper preservation of dead bodies such that it stays disinfected. Refrigerated chambers are kept in thoroughly working condition which is the basic necessity of hospital morgues. Disinfecting of bodies is done by chemical process using formalin. People responsible for preserving dead bodies in morgues are called ‘dieners’.
Deaths caused by unnatural means might need forensic tests to be conducted by investigators. Certain body parts might have to be dissected for autopsy. Helping doctors in removing body parts from dead bodies is job duty of a diener. Physical handling and appropriate preservation is not the only job of a hospital morgue employee. Paperwork is another responsibility of dieners. They maintain records of all findings of an autopsy examination. Long hours might be required to update these reports in the hospital management system. These reports are critical for unusual deaths.