Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to list two separate job duties on a CV

Listing of two separate job duties is a critical task that needs a careful layout. This is particularly important for experienced people who are looking for a change and have experience in doing more than one job duty.
Candidates with sufficient experience are likely to have more than one job functions. With more working years job variations are likely to happen. For instance, an individual starting his career as a sales executive could become a marketing manager after some years. Sales and marketing are different job types with distinctive objectives.
While listing out two job duties in a CV, it is important that the latest one be mentioned first and then the earlier one. Job responsibilities in details are to be given priority in a CV for an experienced candidate. Care should be taken that in writing these details there is an analytical approach, with definitive figures provided wherever possible. A descriptive account is never acceptable as the entire layout becomes too lengthy for two such descriptions.
While listing job functions the period should be mentioned with exact nature of responsibilities, achievements, and highlights. All these are equally important in determining the worth of a job seeker to an employer. An employer should always find a CV worthwhile and acceptable.

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