Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Server job duties

Server job duties are meant for technically qualified personnel. Servers are installed in offices of moderate to high organizational strength. Server jobs are invited by organizations that have a computer network deployed. This is a highly specialized job needing technical aptitude and sincere service.
Job duties of a server engineer would depend on the nature of server. Servers could be classified into web servers, data base servers, file servers, or print server. Each of these servers operates with definite software tools. Engineers could be qualified to look after one or more of these application server types.
Servers could also be classified according to their hardware technology. Current generation servers all belong to the open category and are definite improvements upon earlier closed system servers. Open servers are either of CISC or RISC technology. These two types run on separate technologies and need specialized engineers with distinctive job duties. RISC servers are considered high availability servers with 99.999% availability. Critical applications like banking ATM, search engines, and online ticketing are run on these servers.
While defining server job duties it is important to declare the exact nature of the servers to be supported and the applications run on them. Server jobs are among the toughest requiring engineers to be alert always.

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