Monday, July 18, 2011

Job duties list

Job duties list
Preparing job duties list is very crucial for an organization because it helps in properly defining the roles and responsibilities of the employees in the organization. As we all know, different positions in an organization require different levels of education, work experience, knowledge, skill set, and so on. Like for example, the duties and responsibilities of an HR manager will definitely differ from that of a cashier and therefore, you cannot ask an HR manager to perform the duties of a cashier or vice versa. Hence, an effective job duty list is very crucial for the various positions within an organization.
If the job duty list does not contain the specific tasks that are to be performed by each and every employee of an organization, a lot of confusion may arise among the employees regarding their duties and responsibilities. In order to avoid such an unwanted situation, a proper job duty list is a must for every employee or for every position in the organization.
Hence, in other words, it can be said that job duties list is provided in order to make the employees aware of their daily roles and responsibilities. Job duty list is usually prepared by the organization’s senior management.

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