Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Certified nursing assistant job duties

The job duties of a nursing assistant, also known as nursing aides and home health care aides encompass a major portion of the nursing industry. They help patients to improve their daily lives and fundamental tasks. They perform the basic functions such as maintaining the personal hygiene of the patients, observing them, feeding them, checking catheter bags, making beds, listening to their complaints, keeping a record of their blood sugar and pressure levels, bringing them to the operation theatre, bathing and toileting them, taking them to the therapy areas, catering to their complaints and demands and other such regular but vital activities.
A certified nursing assistant requires minimum training and experience for this kind of job. They are basically trained professionals who work in hospitals, nursing homes, community centers, schools for duration of seven hours approximately, serving patients and residents. Apart from providing enough physical aid, they also help patients with emotional support and assistance. The job duties of a nursing assistant depend on its location and setting. They also keep records of the patient’s behavior and their developments. They also assist registered nurses and inform them about the patient’s whereabouts and recovery. Job duties of a certified nursing assistant may not be of as high caliber as a registered nurse but they have a charm of their own.

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