Friday, August 26, 2011

Job duties of a court reporter

A court reporter is someone who records and issues official reports of judicial or legislative proceedings. There are several activities that take place in a court which include speeches, conversations, legal proceedings, meetings, and other events. The job of a court reporter is to record the things said in these connections precisely using the exact words. The duty of a court reporter is to provide written accounts of spoken words that may be necessary for correspondence, records and legal proofs.
They are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining a complete and accurate as well as secure record of legal proceedings. Further they are also of great help to court judges and attorneys in that they assist them in the organization and search for information in the official record. They also make valuable suggestions with regards to the administration and procedure in the courtroom. In addition to transcribing events occurring in the courtroom the job duties of a court reporter is inclusive of making stenographic and voice writing reports and even translation of voice files into written texts. Moreover they also work for television networks and cable stations, captioning news, emergency broadcasts, sporting events, and other programming like attending press conferences, seminars and introducing products.

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