Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Benefits of Job Duties

A job duty can be defined as a relevant detail of particular job of an individual based on daily operations. A job duty can be assigned to different departments and the department’s head can further assign it amongst employees. A Job duty is prepared as per the load of the department. It is a responsibility of HR department to draft this layout on the suggestions of senior most personnel of the particular section, but to revise and prepare anything on this matter; prior permission from management is required to be taken by the human resources.

Nowadays, job duties have become a vital factor for every organization. This is helpful to evaluate an individual’s performance and keep a track on it, by every department. These records can be called by the HR department on weekly or monthly basis. On the basis of these records, deserved candidates are rewarded with increments and promotions whereas weak candidates can be chosen out for trainings and further education as depending upon their deficiencies.

The various factors playing important role in practicing job duty are; preliminarily function of the management, critical job responsibilities and time spent on duties. The main purpose of job duties is to maintain the two- way- communication between the supervisor and worker. Thus, with the help of job duties, one can work sincerely.

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