Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Preparation of Job Duties

A term which is used to determine and distinguish the daily jobs to be performed by an individual within a company is called job duties. Job Duty is a drafted outline within a professional format and is written in formal language by the Human Resources Department. This format is applicable to all the appointments, whether it is high level or low level. If an employee faces problems during his daily routine, then the job duty format can be recalled to sort out the conflicts.

In few management teams, the job duty format of each employee and worker is handed over to the department head and HR department can be contacted by an individual from any department at the time of addition of duties and misunderstanding. However, a job duty layout comprises of certain attributes, i.e. Name of the person, designation, department, in & out office timings and concerned senior head to whom he or she reports.

A job duty document can be provided to the candidates during an interview which has few fields to be filled by the candidates. These fields can be related to the occupation, particular job function and mandatory works. By viewing the filled form, a candidate can have a brief idea about the offered designation and management can judge the intelligence level of every candidate to select the right candidate. Therefore, a job duty format in helpful in recruitment process.

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