Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Importance of Job Duties

Job duties consist of all the primary job responsibilities entrusted to an individual. Before conducting any program of recruitment, HR department specially pays attention towards the job duties. List of job duties is prepared with the involvement of concerned departments from which the request of recruitment has to go. HR department can conduct a small analysis to obtain the information to prepare job duties for a particular recruitment and finally gets it approved by the senior management.

Many times, the department which is encountering the confusion of job duties can put a request to Human Resources to conduct a revision of job duties of each employee or to provide the sheet of job duties again. Job duties are kept as records by the HR department. These can be used for new recruitment processes or can be revised to add certain duties.

Job duties are meant for each section and every employee of the management. These are provided to educate an employee with his/ her job daily job routines and responsibilities as this format helps an individual to grab a clear idea about defined limits. A job duty sheet can be provided to the selected candidate to settle him/ her within an organization. Hence, job duties play an important role to describe daily routines.

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