Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Job Duties – List of assigned tasks

The assigned tasks and operations based on daily practices are known as Job Duties. The format of job duty is official and drafted as per management’s rules, terms, conditions and legal norms. To illustrate the job duties, Human Resources Department is responsible. The major roles of HR department are to communicate from high level management to lower level management and responsible for all recruiting programs, initiating new polices as per the requirement. The major job duties of Human resource include the following.

Firstly, the HR communicates with organization’s top management regarding the requirement, issues and problems of each department activated in a particular organization. On the other side, it updates all the departments regarding their approved concerns by the management. HR is basically responsible to control two-way traffic between upper and lower levels of an organization related to the job duties.

Secondly HR section is equally concerned about the staff. Any person who is facing any problem due to some other colleague, subordinate and department head can visit the HR department directly to talk about his/ her concerns. HR ensures the secrecy of the serious issues and takes required initiative to raise it in front of the senior management and keeps the sufferer informed. So the HR works as a moderator which is one of the job duties. Hence, a section of an organization works properly with well defined job duties.

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